Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is generally commissioned before entering into a new commercial lease, in order to ascertain the condition of the property prior to a commitment being made.

A properly prepared Schedule of Condition, formally agreed with the Landlord will in the majority of cases limit the Tenants liabilities to future deterioration only.

Provided the Tenant maintains a property in accordance with the terms of the Lease, a Schedule of Condition will usually prove invaluable when the tenant comes to vacate.

Schedule of Dilapidation’s

Dilapidation’s are breaches of covenant to repair a building contained within an occupational Lease. Sweeting Associates are able to advise both Landlords and Tenants with regard to there repairing obligations.

For Landlords, we are able to prepare accurate and comprehensive Schedule of Dilapidation’s that stand legal scrutiny.

For Tenants, we able to provide advice regarding the scope and implications of schedules, the standard of repair required by a schedule, and how and when any repairs should be conducted, or alternatively whether to offer a financial settlement in lieu of damages.