Maintenance and Repairs

It is essential to ensure the proper upkeep of a property by means of regular maintenance.  

We have vast experienced in programming day-to-day maintenance and repairs, and are able to prepare and arrange contracts for gardeners, cleaners, window cleaners, door entry systems, drain management etc.

We can also arrange for ad-hoc and emergency repairs and maintenance such as plumbing, electrical and roofing.

Importantly, we have a long list of fully qualified and insured contractors, who are fully qualified and experienced but also extremely reliable and trustworthy, which we believe is absolutely essential when looking after property on behalf of our clients.


It is often the freeholder’s or management company’s liability to arrange building’s insurance on the block of flats and/or estate.  Arranging building’s insurance can be complicated and it is essential to insure the building correctly and for an accurate value to ensure that all perils are covered.

The running of a block of flats and estates may require additional insurances such as contents cover, terrorism insurance, directors and officers insurance, and engineering cover.

With effect from 14th January 2005, any Managing Agent or Management Company who provide advice to their clients regarding insurance matters, or deals with insurance claims, is required to be registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

We are FCA registered and are able to offer advice and obtain premiums, via brokers, for all of the above insurance.  We are also able to advise and insist in dealing with insurance claims.