Lease, Accounting & Secretarial Duties


The Lease may be a complicated document, but its fundamental role is as a contract whereby one party (the landlord/freeholder) grants to the other party (the tenant/leaseholder) the exclusive right to possess one or more pieces of land and parts of a building for a fixed term of years in return for rent.

The Lease will also normally define the demise of the premises, the repairing liabilities of the freeholder and leaseholder, the service charge payable (if any), insuring responsibilities, and the rules and regulations of the development.

There is no such thing as a standard Lease as Leases vary greatly from one development to another.

We understand the content of Leases and will familiarise ourselves with the content of the Lease to enable us to manage each individual development within the boundaries of the Lease and current legislation.


Our bookkeeping is undertaken by highly trained, professional bookkeepers and records of account are kept on a computer programme designed specifically for Property Management by Eurolink Software.

We will also send a complete set of financial records to an accountant at the end of a financial year in order for the accountant to produce the service charge statement or financial statement for the company (if applicable) to comply with current legislation and company law.

Secretarial Duties

Every resident’s management company must have a Company Secretary to act as its administrator.

We are able to offer Secretarial duties. As part of this position, we will file the Annual Return for the Company, issue Share Certificates, appoint and resign Directors and members, keep a record of officers, and act as co-signature for contractual documents.

We can also offer our office address as the Registered Address for the Company to ensure that all important documents are received by us and are acted upon efficiently and professionally.